POWER POINT is a book by artist Gustav Sparr and is funded by the Swedish Art Grants Committe (Konstnärsnämnden).

The 176 pages, most in full colour, collects a body of intertwined digitally drawn artworks created in the period of 2003-2011. The content is arranged as a self reflective and unfolding multilayered meta-presentation in a sequential structure of all new designs, illustrations and diagrams.

Besides being a complete documentation of graphic prints and animations, the book features several sections of artist writings and one full chapter devoted to a previously unpublished artwork.

PowerPoint is Microsoft software used for presentations. Essentially, it is a way to organise texts, images, and videos in a sequence of digital slides. POWER POINT is a statement in a book form collecting artworks and writings from 2003 to 2011. The book’s chapters progress from the abstract, through the figurative and modular, to the reflective and biographical.

PART I is a series of diagrams about the transference of light into print. These images, as well as the black and white illustrations decorating pages between chapters, illustrate various ideas about points and lines. They can be seen as meditations on the “base units” forming the vector drawn artworks in this book as well as a way to build conceptual bridges between the sections. At the core of the drawings and animations presented, lies the dichotomy of points and the lines connecting them. They trace forms and figures (and their relationships) and even the text and design of the book itself.

PART II is an animation in the form of still images. Here a figure passes through a collage of rooms and stages. In some places, the sequence blends into other documents: a transcript of spoken word and the installation of a graphic work consisting of printouts of stills that summarise the scenes of animations.

PART III collects my graphic work of digital drawings. They are originally projected as light onto photographic paper and mounted on aluminium in limited editions.

PART IV is the first public presentation of The Text Tile Game. The project has its origin in a database that generates many small tiles to be joined in intertextual tessellations.

PART V collects analytical writings and a brief description of tools used in the creative process. This section also contains biographical data and an extended bibliography.

PART O and PART ∞ form the preliminary and last pages of the book. Like a carousel slide projector, these sections join the end to the beginning, merging the starting point and final point of POWER POINT.

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The book was for a limited time available in the following bookstores, galleries and institutions, ask them about it:

Konst-ig, Åsögatan 124, 116 24 Stockholm
tel: 08 - 20 45 20, http://www.konstig.se/

Rönnells Antikvariat, Birger Jarlsgatan 32, 114 29 Stockholm
tel: 08 - 545 015 60, https://www.ronnells.se/

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