PP Appendix I-VII

PPT Appendix I-VII is a seven part addition to POWER POINT, an artistbook published in 2011, ISBN: 978-91-633824-1-3. Each new part serves as a description of, and a reflection on, thematically related graphic works. 

The catalogs are 27 x 27 cm. Each instalment contains reproductions of graphic works presented in lush colours as well as complementary and detailed texts about each of the images.

The covers and endpapers are printed in spot colours and the pages feature lots of all new illustrations and diagrams. These painstakingly rendered decorative elements serve to deepen the understanding the conceptual content of each image, but also arranges and orders the images in sequences and networks of meanings.

PPT Appendix VI-VII (2019)
VI. Pages • 72 pages • ISBN: 978-91-983333-5-0
VII. Planes • 28 pages • ISBN: 978-91-983333-6-7

The printing of PPT Appendix VI-VII was kindly supported by Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden, Sweden.

PPT Appendix I-V (2016)
I. Paradise • 32 pages • ISBN: 978-91-983333-0-5
II. Plait • 24 pages • ISBN: 978-91-983333-1-2
III. Palanquin • 26 pages (with fold out page) • ISBN: 978-91-983333-2-9
IV. Pilgrimage • 28 pages • ISBN: 978-91-983333-3-6
V. Pivot • 28 pages • ISBN: 978-91-983333-4-3

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